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Dare to go climbing with the Bureau des Moniteurs du Gard

Whether you are a slow climber, a fan of dynamic, speed climbing or a complete beginner, the cliffs are ready and waiting to give you the thrill of a lifetime.


Do you fancy trying your hand at climbing for the very first time? Whether you are looking for a solo climb or as part of a group, the team at the Bureau des Moniteurs du Gard will help you tackle the challenges and progress, step by step, at a pace that suits you.


What equipment do I need? What is the correct way to tackle obstacles? How do you overcome these obstacles? Do I have the right climbing style? Don’t worry! Use safety equipment and place your trust in our qualified instructors!

Climbing on long routes: all you need to know before you begin

It’s possible to tackle some long climbs where you actually climb for more than half a day – these are known as “grandes voies” in French (literally, big routes). In France (and Switzerland) the routes are categorised according to difficulty:


F : facile (easy)
PD : peu difficile (quite easy)
AD : assez difficile (quite difficult)
D : difficile (difficult)
TD : très difficile (very difficult)
ED : extrêmement difficile (extremely difficult)

Not far from the Gard you can enjoy climbing in the Calanques, the Gorges du Verdon, the Gorges de la Jonte and the Caroux, all of which offer amazing opportunities for some classic climbs.
Take advice from the Bureau des Moniteurs du Gard for a better ascent

You will be supplied with personal protective equipment in order to make sure you remain safe at all times during the climb.


We also recommend that you bring enough water and food with you in a small backpack; it will need to be practical so that it cannot accidentally get caught on lines, pitons or carabiners (so avoid anything that has fancy decorations, long ties on it, etc.).

Private climbing lessons so you can learn at your own pace

Option to hire an instructor for a half day (€150) or a full day (€260).
It’s not easy climbing for the first time on your own (or with a partner) and having to get used to strange safety equipment. But climbing can evoke such an astonishing fascination in people – it has an almost magnetic attraction – combined with a perfectly rational fear of heights and a scary feeling of emptiness. Entering a situation like this can be unsettling and you might even feel a little embarrassed in facing your fears and learning to trust in yourself – don’t worry, our instructor will encourage you and help you to progress!

Take the time to be accompanied by a qualified instructor from the Bureau des Moniteurs du Gard

Contact one of our professionals so that they can organise your climbing outing, whether you want to climb the Gorges du Gardon, the cliffs of Collias and Russan, Mount Bouquet in Seynes, or even the boulders of La Capelle. They will guide you through your adventure in this aerial playground, teaching you all the necessary safety techniques on a custom-built course and working at a pace to suit you!

Group climbing course: all the pleasure of sharing

From 30€/ person
about 10 person /course
Courses from four people.
In pairs or in groups, share all the thrills while motivating each other: our instructors will show you via ferrata courses that have been adapted so that you can all progress together.

Visit one of the most beautiful climbing schools you’ll find close to Nîmes, Avignon or Montpellier and learn to tie a figure-of-eight knot, a belay in a top-rope or lead line, learn to put your trust in the equipment and discover a new sense of equilibrium. all this on the . The Collias climbing centre is particularly suited to beginners and advanced climbers. It offers routes of various difficulties rated 3, 4, 5 and 6. The routes are between 10m and 60m long.

This makes them ideal for offering a group climbing course that includes different levels and ages. If you’re looking for some teaching that is a little more targeted, we also offer private climbing lessons.

In summer, the classes are held in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the heat. For enquiries on behalf of leisure centres, schools, groups and educational institutions, please do get in touch.

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